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The most powerful and newest DOS IRC client.

Screenshot from leetIRC v1.1

leetIRC is a DOS-compatible Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client application. There are a lot of other DOS IRC clients available out there on the internet for you to use, but I thought they were all severly lacking! They had nothing but the most basic features, and most were difficult to use and had an extremely primitive user interface. They can be very hard to configure as well.

I felt it was time to create a new one with updated features that you would find in any decent client for Windows or Linux. Configuration is effortless with the first-time use configuration wizard that starts automatically when you first run the program. Modifying your configuration is as easy as starting the program with the command line option like this:


Or, if you're a more experienced user you can simply edit the LEETIRC.INI file with the text editor of your choice.

Other features include:
  -Full support for mIRC color and bold codes
  -DCC file transfer support
  -Windows-style drop down menu system (Alt+key combos)
  -Toggle options like auto-rejoin on kick, beep muting, file logging, timestamps, and hide ping notification
  -Backlog buffer scrolling with 1000-line memory (scroll with PgUp and PgDn keys)
  -Modifyable favorites dialog box allows quick and easy server selection (in the File menu)
  -Completely integrated help system, just type /HELP inside of the program to use

Like everything else on my site, this application is considered "freeware" and the GNU GPL v3 license applies to it's distribution, and it comes with the complete QuickBASIC source code. The current public build is version 1.1. Download by clicking a link below!

Download leetIRC:
  -leetIRC for DOS v1.1
(current release)
  -leetIRC for DOS v1.0

Bookmark this site and stay tuned for the soon-to-be released version 1.2, which will add many features and update existing features. The routines that draw the display will show a nearly 400% speed increase, which making this software much nicer to use when you are on an extremely old system such as an 8088-based PC!