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A feature-rich Internet Relay Chat (IRC) server for DOS.

Screenshot from RockIRCd v1.0.0-testing

IMPORTANT: If you have downloaded 1.0.0-testing in the past, you probably noticed it only worked with one connection. I am very sorry, I accidentally had a BAD build uploaded the whole time. I simply had uploaded the wrong ZIP at the time. RockIRCd really does work properly, but you'll need to download the CURRENT ZIP I have here now! Again, I am sorry for the mistake!

RockIRCd is a DOS-compatible Internet Relay Chat (IRC) server application. It replaces the outdated and unstable DOSIRCD application formerly found here. It allows you to use a DOS-based PC as old as an 8088 to function as a complete small-scale dedicated IRC server. It is compliant with RFC 1459, with the exception of no ability to link servers together. It is purely designed for stand-alone usage.

To the best of my knowledge, this is the only IRC server available for DOS in the world. Please note, this does not use NTCPDRV like my other software. Instead it uses PC/TCP, which is included.

Download RockIRCd:
  -RockIRCd 1.0.0-testing-fixed - 176 KB
(current version)

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