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Welcome to rubbermallet.org

This is my (who? ) home on the internet. I spend a lot of my time programming software, and most of that is in the (ancient) QuickBASIC IDE and compiler for DOS-compatible operating systems.

One would wonder what I could possibly do with those that would be useful today. Most of my QB programming involves writing TCP/IP-enabled DOS applications. This, obivously, lets me get those old (or even new with a DOS boot) machines online and hopefully doing something useful or at least interesting. I can't get myself to trash any computer, no matter how obsolete it may be.

Some of the programs that I have written in QB so far include an IRC client, a web server, among others. At the present, my main project for the last few months has been a DOS-based IRC server. It's requirements are minimal, and can even be run on an 8088 with acceptable performance! I also make available for download my skeleton QuickBASIC v4.5+ source code for creating your own TCP/IP-enabled programs, if you wish. Go ahead and take a look at my software index page to browse and download my programs.

I also have a forum here for discussion and help related to software I write, and QuickBASIC programming in general. Click here to jump to the forum! If you wish to contact me directly, just go to the contact page.

Every piece of software you find and download from here is 100% free. Have fun, and help me keep QuickBASIC alive and well!

-Mike Chambers
(owner and proprietor)

My Latest Project

RockIRCD v1.0.0 (test build)

RockIRCd is a full DOS-compatible Internet Relay Chat (IRC) server application. RockIRCd replaces the outdated and unstable DOSIRCD. Lightweight enough to run on even a 4.77MHz 8088-based computer with 640 KB of RAM at an acceptable speed. You can download and use a test release of the current build.

-April 24, 2009